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Sticker: infrared gradient A6 Sheet - Waterproof

meew studio
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Some infrared looking gradient sculptures for you stick on water bottles, laptops, and phones

  • Vinyl alternative eco-friendly sticker
  • Responsibly sourced paper
  • Waterproof
  • Recyclable, water based adhesive
  • 100% PVC free
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Sticker sheet - 4.1 × 5.8 inches
  • 3 kiss cut stickers

Why not vinyl?

I chose a recyclable vinyl alternative for two main reasons. First, plastic vinyl (aka plastic #3 or PVC) is not recyclable in most municipal waste processing plants. Unless consumers take special care to bring used PVC to a recycling center, they will end up in the landfill. Second, vinyl is a product of petroleum, specifically ethylene, which is produced by heating petroleum under extreme pressure. When ethylene is combined with chlorine to produce PVC, dioxins are released. A Greenpeace report called names dioxin as "one of the most toxic chemicals ever produced". No amount of exposure is safe. These stickers are 100% PVC free and they are fully recyclable in regular recycling bins.

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Ethically Sourced Paper
Recyclable Water-Based Adhesive
Water Resistance
# of Kiss Cut Stickers

Sticker: infrared gradient A6 Sheet - Waterproof

0 ratings
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